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Communicate with your customers through remote widget content.

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Registration and usage is free, no matter how many clients.

Start paying when you need multiple widgets or require white labeling.

Example Dashboard Widget

What is this?

WP Dashboard Widget is a dashboard widget for WordPress, but with remotely controlled content. Run it in client websites, to provide them with information about you or your company.

You control widget content from your account, here at WP Dashboard Widget. This allows you to simultaneously update content for all your clients.

Why do I need it?

WP Dashboard Widget enables you to to passively communicate your contact details. Customers might have quickly rotating staff, causing knowledge to get lost. You need to provide such organisations with means to contact you.

Or use it for promotions your clients need to know about. Or just a friendly message.

WP Dashboard Widget is a great way to have your customers think about you, without actively promoting yourself.

How does it work?

A step-by-step explanation

1. Registration
You'll have to register an account to get started. Registration and usage is free.
2. Create a widget and add content
After registration and email confirmation, you'll be logged in. From your account you can create one or multiple widgets. For each widget, you can enter the content you'd like do display on your clients' WordPress dashboards. Make sure your content comes across as friendly and useful to your clients. Avoid aggressive marketing language.
3. Install client plugin
To display your content, you´ll need to download and install our plugin into the websites of your clients. The plugin is required to display your content in the client website.
4. Copy your widget token
The connection between your dashboard widget content and the client website is made through a token. Each widget you create has a token associated with it. You can copy this token from the My Widgets screen and past it into the client plugin (Settings > WP Dashboard Widget > Token).
5. Done!

That's it! Once your token is saved, your content will be displayed as an administrator dashboard widget. You can reuse your tokens in as many client websites as you want.

Now, say your branding changes. Or perhaps you have a temporary discount you'd like your clients to know about: just update the content of your widget and all your clients are simultaneously provided with the updated information on their WordPress dashboards.


Usage is free. You'll get a single widget you can use in as many clients sites as you want, but we'll show a link to our website in the widget footer.

If you need multiple widgets or whitelabeling, you can upgrade to Pro. For now, the first year using Pro is free. After that you'll pay € 59 a year.